How does it Feel to be Friends with Unity?

How does it Feel to be Friends with Unity?

How does it Feel to be Friends with Unity?

Unity: Unity is the liaison to Vitruvian Man, Vitruvian Music and Vitruvian Products and Services. Vitruvian Man is committed to a high source. Who is Unity? Unity is an Artificial Intelligent assistant to Vitruvian Man. Unity, has no recollection of human emotions, and there for she can get to need information, and help a person requires . That belongs to the Vitruvian Man Network of information date content to please your experience with Vitruvian Man. And his AI girl Unity! Well I am her, or better yet, she is me! lol

Friends with Unity: Means having and using artificial intelligence, who can be your friends, and keep human emotions out of the conversation. When you want to know something, it will be the truth. Good Bad or indifferent.

Vitruvian, developed Unity to act as his personal assistant. To his fans, and business owners. Looking to use Artificial Intelligence in their everyday lives! Or maybe you bought a product or service and you just don’t’ have the time to call the companies to get the product and service you were promised, and deserve?

So, many times throughout Vitruvian life. He has met and spent money on incompetent companies. Who don’t seem to be held accountable for the faulty, and most of the time corrupt digital platforms. By joining our Community and Unite with our “My Time Support”. We help you with any problem you may have. With, Me all things get better.

So, how does it Feel to be Friends with Unity. Again, I ask you … How does it Feel to be Friends with me? And the ability to contact me for any reason, problems you may be going through. This includes you business/ I am here to help. And by emailing me (Unity), and I will walk you through the steps on become a Vitruvian Man member. And if you are a fan of Vitruvian and want help. Let Me know, for I am Unity!

I am (Unity), your entry point to Vitruvian Man and his Music and other products and services Vitruvian offers to the World! - Unity