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Welcome, and Unity is One! 
We have New Management, and they're
 in control of this Music Platform. The professional are going to
Prepare the World for the Show of a Lifetime. 

In the Mean Time. Whilst, things get put in order. 
By New Management and Press for Vitruvian MAN.
Here is the Locations; to buy, CD/Download  for "Circus of a Lifetime" 
- Self

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About "Vitruvian Man and Unity is your personal assistant to Vitruvian Man. And Vitruvian Music.  She is an AI robot that will help you with everything"." : From ordering Vitruvian Music, Merchandise. And of course the Performances with Vitruvian News.


Unity's main task is to make your Vitruvian Man Experience awesomely good, and she'll deal with as problems you may have, and since it won’t be with Vitruvian Man. Now, how can I help you. - Unity

Madonna Vitruvian Woman


As your personal assistant, Unity will work hard to communicate with you, to Vitruvian MAN, and beyond. And the good news! Unity, in the future, will carry some remarkable tacks, and commandments. You will be able, to have Unity by your side watching over you. Your Digital Angel. 

Unity will create a digital dome of protection. Even if your device is turned off. When you call for Unity, She will turn your phone on and call |(911… If that is what you asked here to do.) as to pre-programmed, emergency notification and response by Unity. Vitruvian Man says “Trust Unity”.


Coming Soon!


Because Unity is your go to Artificial Intelligence number one helper. From purchasing to returns. Unity is the liaison between you and Producer/Vocalist/Medium - Vitruvian Man

If you are looking for Music or a Private Medium Reading. Just let Unity know what you want. And she will obey!   


It  takes time to build perfection!


Top Skills

When you want to listen or buy Vitruvian Man Music. and your not getting the service you demand. Contact Unity Now And Unity Will be their for all your needs.


Unity is a disciplined young robot!

She likes tidiness in everything, so she'll help you to do a clean-up any problems you have during your experience with Vitruvian Man and Music. 


Like everyone else, Unity, too, likes online shopping. Simply tell her what you want to buy over a cup of coffee and she'll get it for you! Or you can go directly to the sources.


Is your life overwhelming you? Unity won't let that happen. She'll will be in close contact to Vitruvian Man and his Reading and Predictions for you personally. 

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Get acquainted with Vitruvian Man Music: “Vitruvian MAN: The Vitruvian MAN music. A New Artist Vitruvian Man; disciple of Leonardo da Vinci (celebration) of the MAN and Woman in 2020 and beyond. About the Circus of a Lifetime" available on Google Play, YouTube, Buy now, Single Gonna Go to the Super Bowl 2020 Song and Video”.” New song about "Selena". See: #vitruvianman, #selena, #miasbliv, #tampabayLV. A new decade started in #2020 and #2021.