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How to contact Unity?

If you want to get to Unity. You will have to email her direct. And Unity will show you the way, and help you with any problems you may have. Period!

How to request a Medium Reading or Life Predictions?

Contact Unity and she will gather all your information.  And let you know costs, and tell Unity what exactly, are you wanting to know.  Or find out about yourself, loved ones ones gone to otherside.  Or wanting to know about Your Future!

Through Unity, you will get to Vitruvian Man!

How to Pre-Order Vitruvian Man Music

There will be a few ways to pre order the new album by Vitruvian Man called "Circus of a Lifetime". You may contact Unity directly. And order the album. or sign up to our email notification. To inform you of where to pre order with your favorite Music App. We will Always keep you in our loop!

Where will Vitruvian Man be Performing!

Currently we are working on the release of "Circus of a Lifetime" Album, CD and even Vinyl. Whilst, the Album is released on Thanksgiving Day. Performance Announcements will be revealed on Black Friday 2019. And for the coming 2020 tour dates. Ples sign up for email notification by Unity!

What will the tour be called in 2020?

The tour will be called "Circus of a Lifetime - Unity Tour 2020" our goal is to unite us all in music, dance, and a massive party for all! Vitruvian Man says "Please Party Responsibly, and always have a designated driver, who will get you all home safe and sound. while listing to Vitruvian Man!

Who is the Executive Producer for "Circus of A Lifetime" album?

The executive Producer is an up and coming rapper who calls himself  "MC Sguigg" any others know him as Squiggy. an underground rapper. Who loves to help others Succeed in the Music World.

How do I get my Music in front of Vitruvian Man.

If you think you have what it takes to entertain. Or a lyricist to help in producing, lovable huggable music. Then contact Unity! And she will do the rest.

I want to be an Executive Producer what does it take?

Money, Money, Money.... MONEY! Pink Floyd knew what they were talking about when they sang about Money. So, if you have money, and can afford to lose money. Then you are the perfect example of being an Executive Producer in the Music and Video Industry. You are certainly in the right! 

What we look for in an executive producer is either hands on, or hands off involvement. If you have the experience to be hands on. That's perfect for us. Or if you prefer to be hands off, and just invest in our projects. And having fun, taking it slow. And learning the business. We can help you with that too.

Remember, not all projects are profitable. And make sure you can afford to lose, the money you invest. if you can do this. Then the next step is jump in and learn like hell! 

We don't care how much money you have, if you are not down to earth, and willing to learn and have fun doing it? Then move on! We don't need egos, or self righteous - humble braggers in our circles of LOVE!

We have the best attorneys in the World. And you won't fool Vitruvian MAN! He is our protector! Contact Unity for more information. And if you are a tire kicker, we will know that too!

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