Vitruvian Man Circus of a Lifetime Song List

Vitruvian MAN Circus of a Lifetime : First Album Song List

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1. San Juan Puerto Rico (Hurrican Maria 2017)

About a Man who is asking God. What happened to his family, and where did they go, and why did this storm (Maria Hurricane 2017) had to come. And why God Wasn't there to protect his family and friends. As he stands on the sandy beaches of San Juan, asking God to send his family back to San Juan Puerto Rico. (30 second clip) When you understand that Vitruvian Man is a medium, and he connected to a man, who lost his entire family. 

Vitruvian has never met this man. But was able top filter him through the beyond. The vocals on this song was freestyled. No words were written before the studio session. There was no do overs, all the lyrics were written as is. Meaning the night Hurricane Maria 2017 hit. Vitruvian Man connected to the unknown victim through Shaman ways. Taino - Puerto Rico. VitruvianMan lost Family members. RIP! No Typo - Hurrican!

San Juan Puerto Rico Page


2. Bad BOI (Bad Gurl)

Bad BOI (Bad Gurl): This song is about a "Bad BOI" looking for a Bad Gurl. They come in all shapes and sizes. They come with piercings and tattoos, and most have no piercings or tattoos. These are the bad asses who stick up for Family, Friends and Strangers. But at the end of the night it's all about the Bad Boi, and Bad Gurls who are looking for Love, and no games.  Bad Boi 30 second clip

The Bad Gurl? Well, She can’t and will not be tamed by no man. But in public, her Bad BOI will protect her! Period! And there is no prejudice when it comes to Love. Bad BOI looks for Bad Gurls look for Bad Boi. You pick your flavor of Bad is really good! Vitruvian Man does not hold judgment. And Neither should anyone else!


Bad Boi Bad Gurl Page

3. East Coast West Coast Visitor

East West Visitor. This song is about a East Coast and West Coast Visitor: MC Squig who raps about being a fan of the East Coast Rappers, and West Coast Rappers. And he loves Tupac and Biggie Small.  And does not understand why he can't love all Rapper Artists. East Cost West Cost Visitor 30 sec clip

MC Squig writes about not understanding the deaths of Rappers.  MC Squig raps as a fan of all. Including Tupac and Biggie Small. And he doesn't understand the media. And thinks they never cared about rappers as much as MC Squig and Vitruvian Man does.  Background voices, provided by Vitruvian Man. It's not Faith Hill! if you knew MC Squig, you would know!

East Coast West Coast Visitor Page

4. Strong Arm Attorney

Strong Arm Attorney: This song is about MC Squig who wants a Strong Arm Attorney, 30 sec clip. - To represent him. But MC Squig is scared the Attorney will strong Arm him (MC Squig), as a client. And take his money, his girl, and his fame. And all MC Squiq wants to do is party with is people. And then he wakes up! Drink a little Bacardi. Background voices by Vitruvian Man. 


Strong Arm Attorney Page

5. Caviar

Caviar: This song is about the Bad Boi getting ready to go out for the evening, clubbing. And he is singing, about finding Caviar (Girls).  To be his Caviar. He is singing about going to the club, to look for Biscuits (Girls) and it's tight; because he is so picky.  And the Biscuits are too! And he knows the girls, are playing tonight. Gotta rockin the Player (Caviar) tonight. He sings about going into the field of Light (Dance Floor) because that is where all the Caviar is. Get some Caviar, Looking for some Caviar will you be my Caviar. - Vitruvian Man  (all Vocals). Caviar 30 sec clip

Caviar Page

6. Vitruvian Woman (Mind Body Soul)

Vitruvian Woman (Mind Body Soul): This song is about the Mind Body Soul of a Woman. And what a Vitruvian Man does when he finds his Vitruvian Woman. 30 sec clip.

Speaking of a Vitruvian Woman. The older a woman is; she garnishes, and the more Control Power and Authority she obtains. Therefore, the embodiment of a Vitruvian Woman is Madonna. 

Vitruvian Woman (Mind Body Soul) Page

7. Beaver Call

Beaver Call: Beaver Call 30 sec clip;  is about MC Squig who is shy, but does stand up comedy. MC Squig and Vitruvian Man loves Snoop Dog. And they wanted to do song about girls in the hood.  MC Squig lived a rough life. And grew up in the Lincoln Park 10th and Osage. And he was sacred of girls. But he pretended to be a player, at a young age.  And at 5' 3" every one loved MC Squig the comedian. Now, they love MC Squig the Rapper! His knowledge of music is unbelievable, as him any question. 

MC Sguig loves all the people in his life, and the street rappers in Denver Parks. This song has Parental Advisory warnings. The back ground voices are Vitruvian MAN.

Beaver Call Page

8. Let's Go Now

Let's Go Now. Let's Go Now 30 sec clip. About a guy who falls in love with every pretty girls, at the Club. And he wants everyone to help him understand Love between two people. And he wants to be the best lover. If Only, Lovers' could show him how to do, what people do. And we'll never read about it!

Let's Go Now

9. Selena

Selena: "Selena" Tribute -30sec clip - What most people don't know is that Vitruvian MAN is a Medium for the Past Present and Future. This song was all freestyled. Meaning no paper allowed, and the song is played, and vocals are recorded as is.  

Vitruvian was given this song. And he wrote the lyrics; based on 6 months after Selena ruthless murder. And what Chris Perez went through, and how many tried to take advantage of Perez. And Chris wanted his wife back. And Selena, in this song wanted Vitruvian MAN to call Chris. And tell him to go on with his life, and that she (Selena) is in heaven with he Bellas' (Angels). There were no do overs, its all raw. By Vitruvian MAN. 

Selena (Selena Quintanilla Tribute) Page

10. Float Like Butterfly

Float Like Butterfly: "Float Like Butterfly" - 30 sec clip. MC Squig sings about being a number one rapper in the world. Then, MC Squig wakes up!

Float Like a Butterfly Page


11. Breaksome

Break Some: Breaksome - 30 sec clip - This song was collaboration between Vitruvian Man and Rapper, Get Tha Loot.  This song is about going cluing. And finding that Caviar. To satisfy the urge to please all lovers.  To be known as the Get Some Man. The only problem he got played and the girl. Flipped the Script, because. She was not going to be played, by a player. 

Breaksome Page

12. No Time for Jealousy

No Time for Jealousy: No Time for Jealousy - 30 sec clip. 

13. Thorned Heart (Bella)

Thorned Heart (Bella): This song is about. An old man. Who thinks in his mind. he deserves a beauty (Bella). But doesn't understand why Bella. Does not see, the old man. Like he was, at 20 something?  And since he is older, he would never cheat, and do the things young men do, to most woman! But yet, this old man, still sees, the 20 something stud he used to be. Whom, is now all wrecked, tattered, torn, and overweight, and those days of being the Bella for some women. Is all washed up, and no where to go! Even in the Dark!

14. Gonna Go to the Super Bowl 2020 Song

"Gonna Go to The Super Bowl": Gonna Go to the Super Bowl 30 sec clip; song. This song will be the new song for people who love the Super Bowl. And who may never get to go to a Super Bowl. But since they have RedZone the NFL Channel. The have the best seats in the house. With their 60 inch, 4HD TV, their BBQ grill, all their snacks, and all their beer, their friends, and yes! Their bathroom! "Hard Rock Stadium Miami Gardens Super Bowl 2020"

Gonna Go to the Super Bowl 2020 Song

15. Guerrilla Warfare

Guerrilla Warfare: Guerrilla Warfare - 30 sec Clip. 

Guerrilla Warfare Page

January 3, 2020