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Vitruvian MAN is a producer, lyricist, and medium. He recently started a new project after being hired by executive producer Brandon Haze Johnson. ... Vitruvian MAN will provide not only vocals but his experience as a medium to create this unique new project. Jan 27, 2020

Vitruvian MAN : Vitruvian MAN - So, Who Is Vitruvian MAN?




Vitruvian is a producer that works in many genre of music. Mostly working with Top Beat Producers in the industry. And write the lyrics, and either sings. Or does background vocals for other vocalist, and many up and coming rappers. We do not work with full bands. 


The core value that Vitruvian Man proposes is the absolute excellence in every skill and task he writes, sings, and performs. And working with others to share their passion for music. Is the #1 drive for reaching our goal, to entertain the world!


For some reason people think if you are a medium, and or can predict future events. That Vitruvian Man can see his own future. We are here to tell you that is not true. Though, their are signs that indicate future actions, and locations, and with whom.


Vitruvian Man, is best well served helping others find their ways through a complexed life of living, and the dead. Although, Vitruvian can't help everyone. And it does cost to receive a Medium to contact lost loved ones. And Predicting the future of your life. Is not easy, and it's no GAME! Contact Unity with your questions.


We do charge for these services. And it is not cheap! We start at $120 for 1 reading. Most go for 1 reading a month, and we teach you how to use the internet as your personal crystal ball. For more advanced readings and predictions. Please contact Unity!  Explain your situation, and Unity will contact Vitruvian. And explain the situation, and if Vitruvian decides to take you on as a client. Then Unity will let you know. ASAP!


Vitruvian takes what he does very seriously, and will not Tolerate, any Abuse. PERIOD! If you, don't want to know us. That's up to you. We respect that, therefore, please respect us. For KARMA, will reside in your mind forever! - Vitruvian Man

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