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Searching New Artist New Album Songs Vitruvian MAN by About New Artist Fan. For knowing about the 2020 New Album News and Information. About Artist’s Album Circus of a Lifetime News about. About the New Artist and New Album Songs Search. Songs included the following : 1. San Juan Puerto Rico Song, and 2. Bad Boi – Bad Gurl Song, 3. East Coast West Coast Visitor Song (MC Squid), 4. Strong Arm Attorney Song (Frank D. Azar), 5. Caviar Song, 6. Vitruvian Woman (Mind Body Soul) Song, 7. Beaver Call Song, 8. Let’s Go Now Song, 9. Selena Song (Selena Quintanilla-Perez Tribute), 10. Float Like a Butterfly Song (MC Squig), 11. Breaksome Song (Get Tha Loot), 12. No Time For Jealousy Song, 13. Thorned Heart Song (Gilad Perry), 14, Gonna Go To The Super Bowl Song (54th Super Bowl Song), 15 Guerrilla Warfare (Mike Tyson Tribute) featuring (MC Squig).