Leonardo da Vinci

Vitruvian Man and Vitruvian Woman - Mind Body Soul

Leonardo da Vinci - Mind Body Soul - 500 Years

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Leonardo da Vinci: "Leonardo da Vinci" - (Vitruvian Man and Vitruvian Woman) - - Mind Body Soul. Looking back 500 years of (Leonardo da Vinci), and the hidden EDOC in all of "da Vinci's" paintings, and drawings, and lost poems. Did you know the majority of the faces, in his famous painting is actually, a mirrored image of himself, with alterations to hide, the true face behind the masterpieces.  And what about Mirrors, and how da Vinci used mirrors for different reflections of Faces, Images, Items, Color, and most important Light!  More about this later~ ....


"As we move towards the new decade of 2020. And the significance of that Data; Leonardo da Vinci, on the Past, Present, and Future! Vitruvian Man names "Vitruvian Woman Madonna" in the News. About GP7A News reporting about Madonna being Indexed as Vitruvian Woman News. Entertainer News about Vitruvian Woman Madame X News 2019"". - Vitruvian Man; see: Vitruvianman.net and go to : Vitruvianwoman.net (The Future will Become More surreal for everyone in 2020, and it won't be fast, a Slow Drip! ....


Vitruvian Man and Vitruvian Woman

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" About Vitruvian Man: Learning about Vitruvian News and GP7A News about Vitruvian Woman Madonna.  And Madonna's Next 10 years. 2020 News about Vitruvian Woman" Madonna.  The (Next Decade) "Madonna 2020 thru 2030"." 


Learning how-to Establish Authority Ownership of a Conversation. Knowledge of Infinite Category and Subject Matter of Authority. Now, why is Madonna Vitruvian Woman". Because she has Mind Body Soul. And the Credibility Relevance and Wisdom to know. What's next for Madame x - the material girl's - "Next Decade 2020 thru 2030 for Madonna's Power and Authority.  Madonna Taking the World to the next Level of "IoT-M". That would be Internet of Things by Madonna - Madame X to Vitruvian Woman. Vitruvian Man, for "Leonardo da Vinci". - BION!

+Cloud Purple Abyss vs -Black Hat Abyss 

All Clouds tell a Story!  Even the clouds above have abstracts of Vitruvian Man and Vitruvian Woman.  As well as other hidden, Eyes, Faces, Animals, and yes!  Every Cloud on the Internet, every node.  Behind the every Cloud on the internet.  In 2020, It Will Be Credibility Relevance Wisdom : These Keywords - Will Save the Internet!


Always Strive for Absolute Authority Over the Internet

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